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Talk therapy can be an integral part of a healthy, balanced life.

At Clarity Therapy, your therapist will provide you with the observations, tools, and guidance you need to feel more confident and secure in how you approach and manage the challenges you face.

Our providers will address a variety of concerns including, but not limited to:

    Individual therapy

    At Clarity Therapy, we believe everyone has the right to mental and emotional wellbeing. We can provide you with the observations, tools, and guidance you need to feel more confident and secure in how you approach and manage the challenges you face.

    Couples & relationship counseling

    Relational issues are a very common concern. Whether it’s with your family, your partner, your colleagues, your friends, and even yourself; we can help you learn the necessary tools to help you move towards healthier relationships.

    Anxiety & depression therapy

    Mood and anxiety disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety, can feel debilitating; we can also live healthy lives and thrive while managing their symptoms. Stress is a normal part of our lives and to an extent, it’s essential to our ability to function. Everyone’s needs are different and can benefit from a multidimensional approach. Let us help you restore balance.

    Trauma-focused therapy & healing

    Traumatic stress can occur after an impactful isolated event and as an effect of prolonged exposure to abusive behavior and fear-triggering experiences. Traumatic stress can also present itself weeks, months, and even years after the activating event(s). If you have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Acute Stress Disorder (ASD), or another trauma-based disorder, Clarity Family Therapy is here to help.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is a type of talk therapy that can help change the way you behave and think.

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    About Clarity Family Therapy

    At Clarity Family Therapy services, our motto is “meet them where they’re at” with the client in mind, and your therapist is determined to provide you with observations, insights, tools, and guidance that you can utilize to find useful to also feel more confident and secure in going about how you approach and manage the many challenges and adversities you face.

    While trials come and go, you may not always seek therapy because you are quite versed at handling things on your own. Yet, when you’ve determined that you might need a little extra help, that isn’t a sign of weakness, that’s a sign of bravery. Society has stigmatized those that seek out therapy when therapy is only a tool to be used to help you live your best and fullest life possible. Why not utilize services that are available at your fingertips?

    Clarity offers remote services online with a very personalized touch and feel. We get down to the heart of the issues underlying, deep at the core.

    • Individual therapy
    • Group therapy
    • Marriage counseling
    • Counseling for all ages
    • Safe zone
    • Always confidential
    • Sliding scale payments

    Our team is here to help you heal

    Meet our talented therapists, social workers, and counselors based in Los Angeles, California.

    Tina Besimanto

    Tina Besimanto

    Clinical Director, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 86962

    Tina is a LMFT who has been practicing since 2012. She specializes in providing individual counseling for adults struggling with anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. She uses an eclectic approach, incorporating cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques and solution-focused strategies with a humanistic background. Tina is the Clinical Director of Clarity Therapy, where she strives to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to express and work on themselves.

    Shannae Hart

    Shannae Hart

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker

    Shannae is an LCSW with four years of experience working with a variety of diverse populations, including adults, children, and families. Her clinical approach emphasizes client empowerment through mindfulness practices, motivational interviewing, and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). Shannae is licensed to diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders, and has a deep-rooted passion for her work and an unwavering commitment to the mental well-being of all of her clients.

    Melissa Ragan

    Melissa Regan

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

    Melissa is a LMFT treating adults suffering from anxiety, depression, stress related issues, and relationship problems, with experience in eating disorder treatment. She has experience with individuals, children, adolescents, and families from diverse backgrounds and in a number of settings. Melissa’s therapeutic approach incorporates elements of art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), person-centered therapy, family systems therapy, and mindfulness.

    Asha Wilburn

    Asha Wilburn

    Associate Professional Clinical Counselor

    Asha is an APCC with four years of clinical experience and is soon to be licensed. She is certified in clinical evidence based practices Seeking Safety and Managing and Adapting Practices (MAP). Asha has a history of working with youth and families, specializing in areas of mood disorders, anxiety/stress related disorders, behavioral disorders, relationship issues, and crisis intervention. She enjoys building rapport with her clients and utilizes a client-centered approach to formulate and guide treatment.

    Charlene Pech

    Charlene Pech

    Associate Clinical Social Worker

    Charlene Pech is an ACSW with experience in treating adolescents and adults in individual and group settings. She specializes in treating those suffering from stress and anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorders, etc. Her therapeutic style is person-centered, where she creates and holds a warm, safe, and nonjudgmental space. She utilizes different therapy modalities based on the client’s needs. The treatment approaches that she leans most toward are Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Problem Solving Therapy (PST), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and Motivational Interviewing (MI).

    Melissa Behrends Gelfman

    Melissa Behrends-Gelfman

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

    Melissa has served in the mental health field for over 20 years working with a range of populations from birth to adults up into their late 80s. Melissa takes a trauma-based approach and believes that most pathology comes from trauma responses due to trauma experiences. Melissa has a strong desire to help others re-write their own narratives by reframing the catastrophic thinking dominant in today’s society. Melissa encourages clients toward a more conducive and vital to growth mindset that all humans are capable of achieving through reframing of personal negative cognitions. The human brain is geared towards healing and health, rather than pathology as Melissa would posit from her learning experiences in EMDR training. Melissa has found her genuine and authentic purpose in Private Practice where most of her clients are benefiting from her main modalities: EMDR, Solution-Focused brief therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, and Brief Narrative Therapy. Melissa takes a holistic approach to meeting her clients where they are because she feels each client is unique and wholly different, requiring different and innovative interventions and strategies, not just some cookie-cutter interventions out of a book.


    Brianna Gomez

    Associate Clinical Social Worker

    Brianna, an ACSW, is honored to be with us to help guide those who struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, and other just as equally important aspects to their functioning. She is a Social Worker at heart and began her social services/mental health journey in 2012. Brianna has worked with Children and Family Services as well as the Foster Care system. She has collaborated with those who struggle with substance use, Intimate Partner Violence, homelessness, job insecurity, family tension/dysfunction, and LGBTQ related social issues, and works with teens, adults and questioning individuals. She has happily served in Nephrology, helping patients to access kidney transplant and/other ways of treatment to best elicit quality of life. Brianna is a believer that Helping professionals are not there to tell you what to do, but are here to help explore ways to ease some of your suffering, help you find ways to relieve recurring negative thoughts, behaviors and feelings to any particular situation that are at the forefront of your life at the moment. Most importantly, she believes that those she serves can also teach her things; she admittedly does not know everything, and sees herself as merely the facilitator for exploration.

    Hannah Sorel

    Associate Marriage & Family Therapist Clinical Counselor

    Hannah received her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University as a member of Psi Chi Honor Society. Her clinical training thus far has been working with adults, couples, and teenagers within a family systems therapy model where she also integrates humanistic and cognitive behavioral methods to treat trauma, grief, self-injury, depression, and anxiety with a specialization in treating adults with co-occurring disorders.

    She utilizes solution-focused therapies, such as CBT and DBT for the treatment of depression, eating disorders, and compulsions and as a substance use disorder registered counselor (SUDRC), she has a passion to help people live a life free from the grips of addictive behaviors and substances. She has experience working in both clinical and administrative roles that include client advocacy and case management as she values an interdisciplinary approach to her clients by collaborating with a team of members from different disciplines who share resources and make decisions to best serve her clients.

    Jessica Seymour

    Jessica Seymour

    Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

    Jessica is an AMFT who specializes in providing individual and family counseling for adults and adolescents who are struggling with a variety of mental health issues. She has experience treating clients grappling with bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, ASD, ADHD, relationship issues, grief, life transitions, spiritual, and existential issues. Her approach to therapy is collaborative, compassionate, creative, and curious. Jessica utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), internal family systems therapy (IFS), Narrative Therapy, and mindfulness to help clients to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Her intention as a therapist is to create a safe space for clients to grow, heal, and integrate lasting meaningful change that positively affects their lives. 

    Jessica Seymour

    Jacqueline Chavez

    Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

    Jacqueline is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist that is Spanish speaking and has served in the mental health field for over 5 years. She has worked with a range of populations from children to adults. Jacqueline specializes in treating those in the child welfare system and trauma. She also works with individuals that are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and familial issues. Jacqueline uses different modalities based on the client’s needs. Some modalities she uses are solution focused therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Jacqueline will make you feel comfortable and safe so that the client can express themselves freely.