Tips For Dealing With Uncertain times

by | May 17, 2023

People may have similarities; however, when it comes to dealing with uncertain times, people can have different reactions. There are simple steps to take to build resiliency during times of uncertainty. When you focus on what you can control and accept the feelings of uncertainty, you can be free to focus on the good things in life rather than the bad things that could possibly occur.

In the American Psychological Associations October 2022 survey, Stress in America Survey, there are common ways that are highlighted in which uncertainty can stress people out. There is research that shows people have different levels of resilience, and someone who is less resilient may be prone to having lower moods, negative cognitions, and anxiety. The survey also shows that many adults are impacted significantly and saddened by the divisiveness of political and government inequity, along with being oppressed through historic inflation levels, and abhorred about the widespread violence/ mass shooting occurrences rising today in the U.S.

While avoiding uncertain times is not always feasible, there are some simple steps one do take to help you more adaptively face life’s uncertainties.

  • Be Gentle with Yourself: So many people beat themselves up through comparing themselves to how others deal with uncertainty, being perceived as handling stress and uncertainty much better than them. But, while everyone has their own struggles and meets challenges differently, it’s important to recognize that we are all in a battle raging in wars against our own selves. So, it’s critical to be kind to yourself, regardless of how you deal with uncertain times, knowing you are doing the best you can.
  • See past successes and celebrate: Chances are that you have seen many uncertain times before and your rate of success in getting past those times is 100%! So, give yourself some credit for building your resiliency in these times of uncertainty. Think about what worked in the past or what didn’t work so you can see what you might want to do differently this time.
  • Find new skills to develop: Whether you want to be able to assert yourself with your boss, or want to try rock-climbing, taking pertinent risks helps you gain confidence in yourself, and your abilities that will be useful when life goes off the tracks.
  • Keep exposure to news minimal: Sometimes it’s like a train wreck, you can hardly pry yourself away from looking! Try, however, to moderate exposure to the news at your most vulnerable times of day –for instance, in the morning after waking, or right before going to bed.
  • Try not to catastrophize: Many people go right to imagining worst-case scenarios as if it were the end of the world. Try to get out of the habit of focusing and dwelling on negative events.
  • Self-care is of the utmost importance: Don’t get off track with your daily routines that are healthy for you. Take the time to nurture yourself through eating well, exercising, having good sleep hygiene and exploring yoga and meditation.
  • Get support: So many people tend to isolate themselves in their pain, without reaching out for help from those that they can trust, whether it be safe friends, or family members. There is no need to stress alone.
  • Focus on what your locus of control is: Finding the things which are in your control, even if they are just simple tasks, can give you a sense of control through establishing routines to give your time a structure which can be comforting.
  • Help is out there, all you need to do is ask: If stress and coping with uncertainty is something you are finding difficult to manage, reach out for help. There are therapists that can help people learn healthier ways of coping.

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